Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wash your hands PROPERLY!

In light of the raging H1N1 virus infection which has taken Singapore and other countries by storm, it is timely that the Health Ministry has once again, emphasize to Singaporeans on the important need to wash their hands!

Yes, our hands, which we use for a myriad functions in life also contain a legion of bacteria!

It is prudent not only to wash one's hands but also in a proper manner.

I always shrug at the thought of many of the Singapore's toilets having doors. What is the use of washing one hands in the toilet after doing one's "business", only to touch the heavily bacterized toilet one before one exits the toilet?

The way to go, in my opinion is for all toilets here to go doorless.

In the latest campaign by the Health Ministry to remind Singaporeans on the important need to keep their hands clean and hygienic, the above "scare-tactic" poster is employed.

But it is not really a 'scare tactic' per se. Our hands contains a multitude of bacteria and virus which are much worse than the little hideous monsters you see on the poster.

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