Sunday, July 20, 2008

The marvels of IT

As promised, I have uploaded another spectacular video that I took of yesterday’s dazzling fire works at the third and final instalment of the National Education show for the National Day Parade 2008:

As I uploaded the video I have taken onto the video-sharing website, I was intrigued that under the search enquiry “National Day Parade 2008”, some dozens of videos have appeared on the site, offering snippets of what is to come on the actual day.

Some of these items were taken by amateurs like me on the firework displays in the many rehearsals of the grand parade. Others might be taken by the participants on the some programme items during their rehearsal.

IT is thus marvellous, information can be disseminated to thousands within a short span of time. The element of surprise on what amazing items that NDP 08 would give to viewers might be slightly diluted by the sneak previews into these items afforded by the videos. However the feeling of actually seeing and experiencing the parade on the big day would be second to none, and that would include the watching of the firework display on that day outside the stadium.

With the proliferation of information at lightning speed made possible by internet, some secrets cannot be secrets after some time. Like what I have mentioned earlier, some of these NDP items shown in the videos on Youtube might not be secrets anymore to Singaporeans who have not caught the rehearsals or previews once they view the videos before the actual day. The proliferation and dissemination of images, videos by handphones and the internet during the Myanmar’s crackdown on its saffron-robed monks was also another supporting case of this power of IT.

However, I believe it is nice to share good things with others, the many video clips of the stunning firework displays shot from different angles by different Singaporeans and posted on Youtube could have at least alleviate the anguish of those Singaporeans who are not lucky enough to be chosen for the nation’s grandest parade for many years in a row.

And that includes me.

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