Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Brazil vs Singapore

The Brazil soccer team is coming to Singapore to get acclimatised to the tropics and warm up for the Olympics.

Singapore is fielding a team of S-League Players for a friendly match with the soccer titans. The result of this friendly should be quite obvious, however it would be more laudable if our country fields our National team to pit against the soccer giants for it is such a rare chance that Singapore, a country which has spent time and money grooming its young lions for that seeming elusive ‘2010 dream’ pits itself and faces off with the samba kings.

The lesson gleaned from this face-off with the Kings of soccer would be invaluable for our national players.

The venue for this match? National Stadium again! It seems umpteen times that ‘last matches’ have been played at National Stadium before it closes. So is this last match with Brazil really the last one for the Stadium?

I suggest the authorities make this match the last at National Stadium, for it is symbolises Singapore must really improve its standard of some of its sports if it were to become a truly regional and global sports hub. Reliance on foreign talent to boost up our standings in the sports arena is not really Singaporean. Personally, I find it really Singaporean in seeing our very own Remy Ong’s accomplishments in the bowling arena.

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