Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MRT departure timings

Last Saturday, after a late night out, I made my way towards the MRT station to take a train home. It was only 11.30 pm, an hour still considered early for a Saturday night, thus it was to my incredulous shock that I saw the entrance of the station already three-quarter shut and a notice at the control station read that the last train towards west has departed at 11.25pm.

I was shocked and so were many who had also made their way to the station to take the trains home. Some of them were overheard saying they would contemplate taking a taxi home, others including I headed towards the bus interchange to take the last bus home.

It was regrettable that the MRT service ended so early on a Saturday night. On such night, there are bound to be still throngs of people who need the service back home after work or enjoyment.
A part of the crowd who had missed the last train service home may also hire taxis, thus taxi drivers, beside bus drivers would be smiling too.

An early off work time also spells an early rest for the MRT staff who had worked hard.

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