Sunday, July 27, 2008

A guaranteed 7% return on your investment?

Singapore is facing off the samba players from Brazil soccer team tomorrow night at the National Stadium.

Singapore pools’ odds for Singapore to win is 14 while the odds against Singapore is 1.07.

It has been taken almost as a gospel truth that our National team would be tamed by the Brazilian titans. Irregardless of the scoreline, punters betting on Singapore to lose would seem almost certain to win.

The 7% return seems almost certain but if one is to put in the minimum bet of $5, his winning would be only a minute $0.35.

Unless one is to really believe tomorrow’s match as a sure-win for Brazil and treat the match as an excellent investment opportunity, one could invest in few thousands to reap more of the 7%. E.g investing in $10,000 to yield $700 and the maturity period is just one day away at this time of writing.

But the idea seems silly for who knows anything could happen J

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