Monday, July 07, 2008


Blindspots are blind or else they would not earn their appellations. These blindspots could escape detection from one and at times more than two prudent men.

I have personally encountered creating a ‘typo’ error inadvertently in a document, a blindspot which evades detection from my repeated checks. These blindspots unfortunately and miraculously evade subsequent double and triple checking from other colleagues too and manifest themselves as errors.

The reason for not been able to detect blindspots arises from the fact that our minds are incredibily superior. Our minds process information at mind-boggling speeds. Our minds form images, decisions and judgments from connections already made in the past; that is in essence, our minds are already hard-wired. There is hence be a self-perpetuating mechanism which kicks-in at times when careless oversights are sighted. One such example would be “crless eror” when the mind accurately will deciper the phrase as “careless error”.

However blindspots should never be taken as excuses for creating genuine careless mistakes.

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