Sunday, July 13, 2008

Licence to bully

I saw a disturbing scene at Carrefour today 12 July 08 around 1930 hrs at Suntec City. This man, who bought dozens of expensive wine bottles, obviously a very rich man, was with his family. At the cashier counter, while waiting for his groceries to be cleared, he tore a packet of pistachios and ate merrily, throwing the empty shells of the snacks on the receptionist’s counter in a nonchalant manner. It seemed that his family also thought his act was nothing unusual, continuing with him their conversation, oblivious to the stares the other shoppers has drawn towards them.

The man finally stopped munching his snacks when the turn came to process his groceries. The cashier called for an old lady cleaner to clear up the shells of the pistachios which were also layered with some saliva of the rich man.

Yes, this man could be rich, he could be the 77,000 odd millionaires in Singapore, but that should not give him a licence to act arrogant and bully the average Singaporean, especially the poor lady cleaner.

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sykese said...


Sorry you had to go through that.

Did you have your phone with you? You should have filmed the guy. At the very least he would do a "cease and desist" immdiately. It works 95% of the time as most wrong/ evil doers do not want their image tarnished by a potential webcast over you-tube.

Just the threat of taking the picture or video of the offence would make a potential offender think twice....

Works for me.

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