Friday, July 11, 2008


Singaporeans are not known for creativity unlike their Japanese counterparts.

As large open spaces are stimulants for creativity, I believe that the dearth of creativity among Singaporeans, is in part, due to the small and highly populated nature of our island. Singapore is also bereft of scenic natural attractions that will provoke and spark that new seed of innovation and creativity in the minds of Singaporeans.

This could be the geographical reason for the lack of creativity of Singaporeans.

Faced with the tons of people congregating on the streets, the myriads of cars on our roads, and the throngs of people at the shopping centres, one is hardly inspired for new ideas; unless one opt to go for a retreat in one of our few places of nature and search for the next gem of an idea among the greenery, seabreeze, sun and sand.

Space is really stimulant for new ideas. This theory was behind the concept of large spacious buildings at Republic Polytechnic to spark ideas, grow creativity and inspire innovation among its students.

It is common to hear of company retreats held at offshore islands. The company’s employee and management need that break from the inexorable trend of city life to see things from another perspective, break new paradigms of thinking and invent new ideas.

And yes there are definitely other reasons why Singaporeans are not really creative, like the oft-cited reason of the very comfortable life that Singaporeans are attuned to that make them reluctant to explore change.

Our schools have, in recent years, geared up its curriculum to teach creativity and also hope that in the process, more entrepreneurs would also be generated and generate jobs and sustain prosperity for the nation.

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