Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Moving forward

Clearing up my old ‘barang barang’ is an edifying experience, at least for me. During the clearing, one would see the paraphernalia and items of yester-years, and that would send me down into memory lanes as I recalled the many memories of the yester-years.

Memories that were sweet and bitter, memories that taught me to be stronger and better, to be a better man……….

I feel a sense of nostalgia welling inside me as I revisited my past through the feeling and seeing these old goodies again… and they beckon me on to move forward in life to an even better future.

Life is made up of memories…..memories would never die, though they may fade. The world is too caught up with material needs, and neglects the spiritual aspect of their lives.

Time will soon pass and one would realise in life what is the most important in life…..but some would never will.

In our daily lives, one may see people ‘covering their backsides’, are insatiably greedy, self-fish, arrogant, playing office politics, hypocritical………… it is sad but this is the harsh reality of life.

We cannot change the world, but we can control our minds, our thoughts and shape our future.

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