Sunday, July 27, 2008

Virtual living

Time really flies when I am in the internet.

The internet is really the world. I cannot imagine the modern world without internet now.

With the internet, there is really a myriad things that could be done: listen music, MSNing, watching videos on the Youtube, blogging, chatting, reading, finding topics of interest, watching shows and a host of other activities.

I have decided to curtail my time on the internet for I am living in the real world and not in the virtual online world.

The internet really changes the face of interaction of the world. Yes, it did improve and multiplies the channels of interaction of people with a larger mass of others in ultra quick time but sad to say, most of these interactions become more and more faceless.

People seems to be more versed in online interactions judging from the ever-increasing raft of funny words and abbreviations such as ‘TTUY’ that made their ways into the formal lexicon. The word ‘netizen’ has also been coined to describe the people living off the net.

Living on the net is virtually living.

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