Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Came back around 10pm, bathed, ate dinner and by then, too tired to do anything, thus slept around 11.30pm without even reading today's newspapers.

Tomorrow have to wake up early again as usual, around 520 am, travelling time everyday is a bit crazy, spend slightly more than 3 hrs commuting everyday.

Not my grouse, feel contented to have a job which sustains my life on this earth. Some work equally hard or much harder than me. Not uncommon to see tired executives going home from work everyday tired and lifeless, and the first thing after they head home is their comfortable bed.

Is this a typical executive's worklife in Singapore? Are Singaporeans working too much?

Singapore government is targeting to boost up the birth rate of our country, one way to do so may be to relook at work life balance in our country.

Have more time off work, have more fun and the babies will come.

Hope one day to break out of this mundane, salaried lifestyle and be finanically free!

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