Sunday, July 06, 2008


Handphones, with their diverse host of multimedia functions are more than communication devices in our daily lives, they have become part of our daily lives.

Thus it was with regrets that my handphone stalled this morning and attempts to remedy the situation proved futile!

Luckily I have a standby phone which I activated for use immediately by removing the SIM card from the stalled phone and inserting into the standby phone.

Imagine the slew of inconvenience to one when one’s handphone is stalled. There would be dozens of messages from friends, colleagues and your dear ones which you would not be able to receive and reply. Imagine the possible misunderstandings and miscommunications to your friends, colleagues and others for not having received and hence replied to the SMSes or calls to your phone.

Handphones may also contain our valuable personal data; thus one should not store too much confidential information in these gadgets, doing regular backup of files inside our phones would also help.

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