Monday, July 21, 2008

Diaries and Blogs

I still remember the days when I started writing diaries. Those were the days during my National Service when each day proved to be very ‘memorable’. Writing on chunks of paper in my bunk when everyone was asleep; in the thick of jungles under the dim moonlight while waiting for ‘enemies’ and whenever I was free, I would then transfer the writing scrawled on these paper sheets to proper notebooks which served as my diaries……….writing diaries provided me with a catharsis especially during those days.

Those were the days when I witnessed the dark side of some people and how the lexicon for some is confined to the ‘F…’ and Hokkien swear words. I have written in my diaries each and every day of my National Service experience from the initial recruitment date to the much-awaited ORD (Operationally Ready Date).

Few years after ORD, I went through the entries in my diaries and recalled some of the happy memories however most of the entries were not. I believe we shall not let the past take us hostage, one shall move on in life. Keeping these volumes of diaries would be forever be a sad reminder for me, and a mark for my life. Vowing to move on, I destroyed all the six to seven volumes of diaries, which I have painstakingly written, collated over two and a half years, in a matter of less than five minutes.

I have since moved on and would aim to move on, to bigger things in life.

Information Technology has changed the manner people wrote diaries since the appearance of blogs. Blogs allow one to write their online diaries with ease of edition and share their writing and thoughts with hundreds, if not, thousands of people around the world.

That is what I did; the purpose of this blog is to share on some interesting experiences, thoughts and insights I have in everyday life with readers.

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