Sunday, July 13, 2008


Everybody needs affirmation at certain points of their lives: for a job or deed well done, love, recognition, etc

It is important for parents to affirm the worth of their children during their growing up years. Simple words of encouragement would go a long way in the building of self-esteem of the children. With no affirmation given to children, they would most likely not be able to affirm others when they grow up.

Parents who devalue the worth of their children the moment they speak everyday, underestimate their worth, believe they are not capable of achieving a certain task are breeding unconfident kids who would mature into unconfident adults. Their words spoken to their children everyday, undervaluing their intrinsic worth and potential would be taken for truth by the children. These children soon grow up, not being able to fully develop their potential, believing that their potential was only what their parents have told them repeatedly.

Such parents may also be overprotective of their children, refusing them an opportunity to be exposed and to attempt new things on their own. These children hence grow up to become social misfits, unconfident adults who may be destined for only a mediocre future.

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