Sunday, July 27, 2008


Recently there was a news report by Daily Telegraph that ignited the interest in extra-terrestrial life once again among human beings.
In an interview with Kerrang! Radio in Birmingham, England, this week, an ex-NASA astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, a 77-year-old former National Aeronautics and Space Administration astronaut who walked on the moon for nine hours in the Apollo 14 mission Feb. 9, 1971, alleged that he is convinced that life exists elsewhere in the universe and earthly governments have tried to hide the existence of aliens.
Further, Mitchell claimed that “earth has been visited by aliens and the UFO phenomenon is real -- though it's been covered up by governments for the last 60 years or so."
NASA officials have not backed the former American astronaut's beliefs.
The existence of aliens is still a myth though there are many quarters pro-offering different theories of aliens. One such interesting myth claimed that the earth is hollow and aliens actually live inside our earth!
Some camps even went further to suggest that the great grand pyramids of Egypt were built by aliens:
Further theories of these creatures abound in the internet but one universal belief that was widely held is that the technology used by aliens far surpass that of humans.
I watched the local news reporting on the Mitchell’s claim and there was a video showed in the same reporting on the notable Roswell UFO Incident that featured the grisly finds of the bodies of aliens from a crashed flying object found on earth.
Alas, if the incident was true, at least aliens are still able to die, they are not that invincible (as movies make them out to be)….. thus if ‘Independence Day’ do really comes, man should not be that fearful…. I hope.
Believers of aliens’ existence find no hostile intents of these extra-terrestrial beings though.

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