Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Social responsibility

Plastered on the notice boards of HDB flats are dozens of posters, which greet us everyday. Normally I give these posters a quick glance and it was sufficient for me to spot a few grammatical errors embedded within most of them.

Not that I am overly critical or overbearing on grammatical accuracy but I believe the creators of these posters should have a sense of responsibility: to ensure words and phrases used in their posters are grammatically sound. I believe some checks would also have been in place before the posters went for print, thus it may be unfathomable and unforgivable that grammatical errors still could exist despite the check.

The reasons for such a gap would be the poor mastery of English by the creators or a pure careless oversight, which persists despites checks.

These posters put up would be seen by hundreds of residents each day, creators of such posters should at least ensure the words and phrases in them are at least grammatically right; it’s a form of respect to the readers who at the very least spend their precious time reading the posters. It’s a form of social responsibility. The worst implications of such posters would be the misleading of students into accepting or learning the wrong phrases as they believe these posters put up for mass publicity are credible.

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