Friday, July 04, 2008

Alma mater

It has been some years since I left my alma mater, NUS; thus making a trip today to this institution where I spent a part of my precious youth years to pursue a degree was stimulating and exciting. It was to be exact, a homecoming!

Developments at NUS were swift as new features and extensions have sprouted up all over the campus, leaving me somehow baffled at the transformation. To a certain extent, as an alumnus of this great institution, once again stepping foot in the campus was a proud moment for me. I shared the pride of being an alumnus of this great institution and seeing the high quality teaching, nurturing, living and social environments NUS pro-offers to students, staff and alumni attests to the brand name that NUS stands for!

There are also dozens of retail shops like Old Chang Kee, Burger King, Mcdonalds, Star bucks and many more… not to forget the incredibly affordable priced great food served in the many spacious, modern and beautiful canteens at the different faculties. I have a yummy plate of black pepper chicken chop, topped off with fries and salad at an incredible great price of $2.20.

I believe I would come back to NUS again to catch back on the fond memories of my NUS years and to discover new perspectives of this institution! With Singapore bereft of places of interests, NUS could be one of the top places of interests for me too!

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