Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Finally, I have completed my affairs with the little book on Fengshui. Having understood the fundamentals of the subject, I was bemused to note that many of my colleagues’ offices would have suffered from bad fengshui if one is to strictly go by the fundamentals of the book.

Based on his kua number (see earlier post on this), every individual has his personal auspicious direction. The book exhorts all to live, eat, work and breath facing this direction.

Align your cooker, toaster to your kua direction so that the food will be cooked with the energy favorite for you. Negotiate an important deal, present and sleep towards your kua direction and soon one would be seamlessly climbing to the top of his career ladder.

The north corner of every household is the universal career direction. The element corresponding to this direction is metal. Water is favorite for metal and thus a combination of metal and water items placed at this corner of the household is said to boost the career luck of the resident.

Such items include fish tanks with one fish inside, a box of coins, TV and metallic electrical equipment, a turtle in a water tank ……….and the list runs the gamout of your creativity to combine metal and water to bring out your career luck.

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