Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spectacular Night (Preview of NDP 2008)

Tonight (19 Jul 08), as I was going to meet my dear dear around 4pm, I saw the whole MRT being flooded with primary school students. Then I realised that tonight would be the National Education show for primary 5 students.

After visiting the esplanade and dining at Carl's Junior, the time was already 7.15pm, time flies past when one is with his or her loved one. At this time of every National Day Parade, there would be firework display soon, (around 7.30pm to 7.40pm), thus I brought my honey to the area outside of Marina Square and joined the around 60 to 100 people sitting on the staircases to watch the spectacular fireworks.

It rained slightly and then to moderate and many of the people fled, but it was romantic for Honey Angel and I in out own little world sheltered from the rain in her umbrella. We managed to see some fireworks display (just some fraction of the real thing to happen later) during one of the performances in the parade. As the rain grew heavier, we decided to leave and went to the area outside of Esplanade.

There the rain started to peter out and thus we waited again at the area, determined to catch the grand fireworks.

Many including us did not know where would the fireworks show up later thus the crowd was quite spread out, with each part of the crowd hoping that the fireworks would appear right in front of them later. Of course, my Honey Angel and I shared the same sentiments too.

It was great to come and see the fireworks tonight for National Day preview and National Day itself, the whole area of Esplanade and Marina Square would be jammed with throngs of crowd, any possible areas to view the grand fireworks would be sardine-packed with eager and enthusiatic Singaporeans longing to catch the dazzling fireworks.

Singaporeans love fireworks and on all grand occasions like the New Year, the Chinese New Year and the National Day, fireworks are the mainstay in all these events.

Oh okay, I am talking too much liao on this topic..... when the fireworks really appeared, Honey Angel and I was struck amazed for the fireworks main display was just right in front of us.

The crowd cheered, screamed, went exhilarated, some went berserk... the fireworks exploded in the sky in many dazzling formations, in a myriad ways, beautifully and magically. Words cannot capture the essence of magic of fireworks, only picture tells a thousands words, and in this age, video tells the whole story!

I have captured this magical moment (the fireworks) I spend with my dear angel on video. Would like to share with all readers the magical firework display (you would be one of the Singaporeans to catch this preview of fireworks for NDP 08, though it is not on the actual day).

Here is the link (just one part of the few videos of the dazzling videos of the fireworks I shot, would upload the rest if I have time):


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