Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love in the First Degree

Some days ago, I caught a golden oldie "Love in the First Degree" on radio. This nice song sent me all the way back, many years back to be exact, to my primary school days when I would be hearing this song played in my school bus.Then, the bus driver would be driving along a highway in the city, which was then not as crowded as present, with the window shutters opened, before sending me home. Cool breezes would be patting me in my tender face as this song "Love in the First Degree" was played as the backdrop.

Such was a memorable moment that it remained poignant in my heart and mind till today!

Somehow, to be frank, I really treasure Singapore in the 1980s to 2000 when it is such a little nice place to live in.

Fast forward to today, we live in a very overcrowded, hectic, stressful society with very high cost of living and high competition of resources and jobs with an influx of foreigners.

Hmm, there goes my usual grouses once again. Do not let my grouses affect your enjoyment of the song. Sit back, relax and enjoy "Love in the First Degree" !

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