Monday, July 16, 2012

Malaysian Food Street

My family and I went to Malaysian Food Street this cool Monday afternoon. Being a Monday, Malaysian Food Street, located just outside Resort World Sentosa was just like 30% packed.

Malaysian Food Street features stalls selling authentic food of the various Malaysian cities and we are actually quite drawn to Malaysian Food Street after reading the many publicity materials and rave reviews.

Just a note that if you are heading to Malaysian Food Street, Malaysian Food Street is closed every Wednesday. Though we have chosen quite a good date to patronise Malaysian Food Street, for our first dish we ordered: Hokkien Mee; the waiting time was still 25 minutes!

My family and I tucked hungrily into the Hokkien Mee at $6 once we brought it down to our table. In Malaysian Food Street, the dishes are sold at "foodcourt prices" to our surprise as we have though that the dishes will be priced at Marina Bay Sands price level.

After eating the Hokkien Mee; our verdict was that the taste was actually average at the most. Next. we ordered a snack: Penang Chendol at $2.50.

Penang Chendol has bigger red beans than its Singaporean counterparts. Beside this difference, there seems to be lesser ingredients used in Penang Chendol (I think there is little or no coconut milk) which gives this Chendol a less distinct taste.

And finally, we ordered Penang Char Koay Teow (there is no mistake in the spelling of "Koay" - in Singapore, we spell it as 'Kuay'- as reflected on the signboard) at $5. I can say that this dish is the most satisfying of all the dishes we ordered today: the mee is not oily, the prawns are succulent and fresh and the noodles taste great even without using much sauce!

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