Tuesday, July 24, 2012

American cockroach

I watched an interesting documentary last night which detailed that cockroaches hold medicinal value. I do a "google" on this theme and I am quite surprised: there are some research pointing to evidence that cockroaches' body can be used to battle some of the most dangerous bacteria in the world.

Coincidentally, this morning, my wife and I spotted a medium-sized cockroach in our bedroom. Fearing that the cockroach may harm our family, I decided to do the nasty thing to the cockroach though I did not really like to. However as my newspapers -rolled up- went hammering down on the cockroach, the cockroach was nowhere to be seen.

How strange! I thought to myself. For most of the cockroaches where I was the SWAT member to deal with them, the cockroaches would at least move fast enough for me to see their movement, but not this cockroach. Not succeeded, I left the room.

Five minutes later, I re-entered the room, picking up the rolled newspapers from the trash bin after seeing the cockroach once more. Then I understood why it could not be spotted moving from one spot to the other: I saw the cockroach actually fly! As it flew to the top of the room, I changed tactic and employed chemical warfare, bringing the cockroach down using Baygon.

This flying cockroach is an American cockroach and not the German cockroach I normally encountered.

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