Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dennis Ng, founder of Housing Loan SG passed away

I was shocked to learn that Dennis Ng has passed away from a heart attack after a financial seminar. Just a week ago or so, I saw him with his wife at a gift shop at the newly-opened Gardens By the Bay. Dennis Ng is the founder of and has appeared in many TV interviews.

Though I have not attended any of his financial seminars, I have read one of the books he authored titled “What your school never teach you about money” which I have shared in a post here.

I have read many financial books on financial planning but I can hail the book by Dennis Ng as one of the best financial planning books ever produced by a local author. I also respect Dennis as he makes his first million from self education on financial matters, hailing from a humble family background and he is willing to share what he has learnt with others through his books and seminars.

Life is indeed unpredictable! Hence we must really make full use of our time on earth.

It seems that in these times, many usually healthy people fall prey to sudden illness or heart attacks, hence I would like to highlight to readers here to take health as the first priority in life.

With health comes the ability to work and earn money, the ability to provide for our family and loved ones and the ability to share some wonderful moments with our loved ones in the forms of overseas vacations.

To live, to love, to learn and to leave a legacy are what lives are really about.

Though Dennis has left us, the financial knowledge he left behind will be immortalised in his many great financial books; these will be his lasting legacy.

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