Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where is the Public Spiritedness and civil conscience of Singaporeans?

As usual another working day. As usual, accompanied by the hundreds of Singaporeans heading towards the MRT station, I took the free dailies: TODAY and MyPaper. And as usual, I stepped on the congested escalators up to the train platform.

Only after sometime did I realise one of the two newspapers I had stuck in my shoulders has dropped. But the maddening crowds behind me- none of them actually rushed up to me to tell me anything.

In the past when I was in primary school, we had civic education. But just looking at the state of our MRT trains whereby reserved seats are always hogged by those who are not the rightful persons for which the reserved seats are reserved for, is so telling of our society. My experience today is just one of the many similar experiences I had which makes me wonder where is the public spiritedness and civil consciousness of Singaporeans?

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