Thursday, July 19, 2012

Washing handphone

Yesterday night, I did a thing many people will not do. Reading this blog post title, you would have know what I did: yeah, washing my handphone with running water!

Initally, I just wanted to detox and scrubbed thoroughly the facade of the handphone, but as I washed the phone, I actually indulged in the hygience of the phone so much so I actually washed the whole phone in running water!

After the great wash, I dried my phone. And at night, when I tried using it, oh no, this phone could not work anymore. Only then did I think I did something silly as to wash my handphone.

My wife gave me one of her handphone for use but this morning, when I tried my dried up handphone, it was operating okay with the SIM card inserted. It was then that I realized my handphone is really robust and to tell you a secret, this handphone is actually a "dinosaur" kind of handphone!

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