Saturday, July 28, 2012

Darrine Ko Wen Hui and my experience of the Final Year Project Dissertation

The latest case of Darrine Ko Wen Hui's sex-for-grades cases has jolted Singapore! Never in Singaporeans' mind will we think the most unthinkable sex-for-grade case can occur in squeaky clean National University of Singapore!

I read of Sex-for-grade cases in some Western countries but in Singapore, Darrine Ko Wen Hui's is really the first of its kind here. Will Darrine Ko Wen Hui's case set a precedent for similar cases here in our institutions?

Personally, Darrine Ko Wen Hui's case set my mind thinking back to the years when I did my final year dissertation. The topic I was given was very difficult as all those professors who did this topic have already given their findings and there is really not much advancement that could really be made in that topic I have chosen.

I spent my final year working rigorously on the final year topic. Loneliness was quite usual as each undergraduate was given different topic to work on and there is really not much discussion that could be formed with them. Also, I do not want to disturb my classmates unneccessarily. 

Final year dissertation or FYP was really a major module with 12 modular credits given to it and anything below a "A-" level will let one say goodbye to a First Class Honours Degree.

Anyway past is past, I worked very hard for my Final Year Project and after 9 months of hard work, I managed to create a computer programme code which was pivotal to the success of my final year project.

On the day of my Final Year Project presentation, I presented to a China professor. He was not really quite impressed with my creative theory but i the end I still managed to get a A- !

The rest is, as they say history. Stepping back to society to work, getting As or A+s no longer matter: there are some 1st class honours graduates unemployed or earning a modest pay. The benchmark of success in Singapore society when one starts to work is Money.

I find sad that Singaporeans' success yardstick is measured using money.

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