Sunday, July 01, 2012

Chief Warrant Officer

SAF introduced a new rank called the Chief Warrant Officer with effect from today.
This new rank will allow SAF's promising Senior Warrant Officers to advance to the next rank and assume higher responsibilities.

On first glance, to me, it is hard to distinguush between this rank insignia of the Chief Warrant Officer with that of Senior Warrant Officer. Only after careful comparsion with the existing rank insignias of the SAF do I notice the laurels below the coat of arms in the rank.

Just two years ago, under the same Warrant Officer career progression scheme, a rank called the Third Warrant Officer was introduced. Then, I also have difficulty in distinguishing a Second Warrant Officer rank from the Third Warrant Officer rank; only to discover later that the Third Warrant Officer rank's stripe are slimer.

I find the ranks of the Military Experts even harder to distinguish as the difference is in the thickness of the stripes.

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