Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Quality Service goes the wrong way: the story of cockroaches and insecticides

Yesterday, I opened up a new brand of insecticide and sprayed around my kitchen to ward off insects. To my surprise, before these creatures are overcome, I find myself succumbing to the smell of the insecticide. This new insecticide has a strong aroma which I think is deliberately added as a value-added service to customers. Obviously the insecticide maker thinks that consumers may like the aroma but personally I find the aroma choking and even more dangerous.

Why do I say it is dangerous? Well, if the aroma is there, customers like me will tend to sniff in the insecticide more after spraying and become “poisoned”. If the insecticide has a more loathsome smell, then customers will not sniff in as much of these insecticides.

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