Sunday, July 08, 2012

Singapore Weather

It rained once again during midnight yesterday. Singapore Weather is really quite funny these 2 weeks: the weather is very hot and then it rains suddenly. As at this time of writing, the weather is 24 to 31 degree celsius with cold winds. I feel as if I am in  Europe or Hokkaido with this low temprature.
I really embrace this kind of cold weather as it allows me to concentrate on my work better. This cold weather is uplifting. Hot and humid weather in Singapore is really loathed by many Singaporeans as it just increases hair loss, acne outbreaks, sweating and causes frustration.

However, on an important note, we should be concerned why Singapore is experiencing this kind of cold weather. In July, Singapore should be experiencing a hot climate. The buzzword for the reason: Climate Change. In Singapore, the man assisting DPM Teo Chee Hean, the coordinating Minister for Climate Change with Climate Change is Mr Tan Yong Soon.
As I understand, Singapore has a good system for tackling climate change, but pragmatically, as a small nation, we cannot really shape how much carbon emission and pollution the larger countries contribute to our earth.

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