Monday, July 30, 2012

Howard Shaw jailed for 12 weeks

Howard Shaw was jailed for 12 weeks for having paid sex with an underage lady, with the verdict out today. Personally, I find this jail sentence fair for this category of crime.
I read that this is not the first time Howard is sentenced to a jail term: previously from what I have read, he has been jailed for drink-driving before, but I believe his sentencing and jail term then was not really profiled widely in the media.

For the remaining men of the high-profile online sex case with the underage girl, I believe they would be tried soon.

Recently, Singapore has been plagued by a number of sex and graft cases-alleged or not:

a) this episode of 51 men charged for having sex with an underage lady

b) the sex-for-contract case of ex-SCDF and ex-CNB boss

c)  the alleged graft of MFA official

d) the sex-for-grade case of a NUS Professor and his ex-student,

e) the sex case between a secondary school female teacher and her male student,

f) the City Harvest case

g) the NPark’s Brompton bicycle cases

and others which I may have left out here.

There are also many cases of people getting angry especially in MRTs and Buses. I think Singapore is getting more stressed.

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