Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NDP Theme Song 2012: Love At First Light

How time flies. National Day 2012 will be here soon. NDP Theme song for this year is "Love At First Light" by Olivia Ong. Again, another song which is not easily sing along by Singaporeans.

NDP Song 2012: "Love at First Light"

I attached the NDP theme songs since 1998 as follows, enjoy!

NDP Song 2011: "In A HeartBeat"

NDP Song 2010: "Song for Singapore"

NDP Song 2009: "What do you see?"

NDP Song 2008: "Shine for Singapore"

NDP Song 2007: "Will you"

NDP Song 2006: "My Island Home"

NDP Song 2005: "Reach out for the Skies "

NDP Song 2004: "Home"

NDP Song 2003: "One United People"

NDP Song 2002: "We will Get There"

NDP Song 2001: "Where I belong "

NDP Song 2000: "Shine on me "

NDP Song 1999: "Moments of Magic "

NDP Song 1998: "Home "

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