Sunday, July 15, 2012

Media blackout for Singapore Athletes headed for London Olympics

I read on yesterday's Straits Times that our Singapore atheletes have headed off to London for the Olympic games with no interviews granted to the media, in accordance with a Media blackout imposed on the team.

I wonder why is there a need for such a media blackout? I believe it might have to do with the fact that our Olympic team may not want to raise expectations of Singaporeans on the team so as to give the team less pressure so as to perform well.

In every Olympic games, the only sport which Singapore can really do well is Table Tennis: Singapore clinched the Silver medal in the previous Olympic games and the Chairman of the Singapore Table Tennis Association, MP Er Lee Bee Wah has indicated that she has expected 2 medals, though she fell short of telling Singapore the colours of the medal.

Singapore's hope rests on Feng Tian Wei, a China-born player who has become a Singaporean (I think, or at least a Permanent Resident). All of our Table Tennis players hail from China and there is really just a handful of real Singaporean sportsmen or sportswomen who can make a mark on the international arena.

I expect our Singapore Table Tennis team to clinch a bronze medal at the very least.

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