Saturday, July 07, 2012

SBS Bus Service 222: wastes my precious time!

I am a man who values time. With just 24 hours a day, I do not like to waste time. Today, however Bus 222 simply wastes my time! Around 1pm today, my wife and I waited for Bus 222 at a bus stop in a housing estate for close to 40 minutes! Seeing no sight of bus and that the bus stop is also full of equally frustrated passengers waiting for the bus, my wife and I decided to walk to our destination instead- though it was 4 bus stops away.

As we reached the next bus stop, the long-awaited Bus 222 finally arrived, much to our anger. We boarded the very packed bus, crowded with passengers. As the bus hummed slowly along this hot and humid afternoon, the bus journey was frustrating. But what made me boil was seeing another Bus 222 breezing from behind the bus and overtake the bus we took! This Bus 222 which overtook the current Bus was so empty! No wonder the waiting time for the Bus we took was so long, the time schedule was so haywire!

And when we reached our destination, to my utmost surprise, there was another Bus 222 (the 3rd one) which arrived shortly at our destination! I conjectured that the 3 bus drivers of Bus 222 may have drink coffee together and then set off together, causing this really unnecessary waiting time for my wife and I and other passengers.

Saturday is a long-awaited day for the working class like me. To waste such precious hours of Saturday on this unnecesary waiting time is really irritating! Singapore's SMRT and Bus service standard is really lacking and I do not know how long must Mr Lui Tuck Yew take to solve all these unacceptable forms of service!

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