Sunday, July 01, 2012

How to determine size of air conditioner needed for Singapore HDB flat?

If you are looking to install or replace an air-conditioner and would like to know what the size of air-conditioner you need, you can follow the following steps:

1) Obtain the dimensions of your room in feet- i.e. length and width

2) Calculate the area of the room in square feet-i.e. by multiplying length and width you have calculated in 1).

3) With the area calculated in 2), multiply this result by 65: this will give you the cooling capacity of the aircon in BTU/hr.

4) As 1 electrical kW=3,414.43 BTU/hr, and 1 HorsePower (HP) = 2,546.143 BTU/hr, you can further divide/multiply your answer in 3) to derive the subsequent cooling capacity in HP or kW.

In our Singapore mandarin parlance, we call air-conditioner "ren qi" which I think is not correct as "ren qi" means cold air. The more accurate name should be "kong tiao" which describes the conditioning of air as used in China/Taiwan.

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