Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Eye Dragon & Four Eye Dragon: the Most Shocking Point of National Day Rally 2012 [National Day Rally 2012 afterthought Part 3]

Many, as reported, hailed PM Lee’s National Day rally speech as one of the best ever. I also feel that PM Lee not only spoke well, he connected well with the audience. However, there was one point in the rally where I almost fell off my chair as I was suddenly shocked at what PM Lee said.

What did PM Lee said which caused me to almost fall off my chair? It’s the phrase “one-eye dragon”. When I heard this word, my mind immediately flashed back to a very popular man whose photos I still can remember now, that for a period of time made the head news of local tabloids. His nickname was one-eye dragon and he shocked the whole nation by killing another guy called “milk cow” (strange they got all those funny names) by discharging a volley of bullets directly into his body, all this while being seen by the wife of “milk cow”!

Though One-Eye Dragon was a bad man, he was reported to be quite charismatic in court, refusing to engage a lawyer and instead defended for himself in court. However that was not sufficient as he was sent to the gallows eventually.

One-eye dragon’s story did not end there. It was reported that he donated his kidney to the chief executive of C K Tang whose kidneys failed.

In sum, that’s my immediate thinking when I heard this phrase “One-eye dragon”. Hence I did not really comprehend what PM Lee said when suddenly a “Four-Eye Dragon” was tossed out from his speech. As I was still mired in the photos of One-Eye dragon, hearing to “Four-Eye Dragon”, I exclaimed: oh no!

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