Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Singapore Female Olympics Table Tennis Team: No more excuses please

I read today’s The Straits Times which highlighted the defeat of our female Olympics table tennis team. It was reported that our female team were surprised at the improved performance of their Japanese counterparts which led to their defeat. I really think that our female paddlers are really finding an excuse for their defeat. Instead of saying the Japanese team has improved in form, why not acknowledge that our Singapore team plays poorly?

It is really conceit that causes our female table tennis team to be defeated by the Japanese. I really think that after winning a bronze medal, Feng is contented and has no more hunger to fight for Singapore again.
The poor showing of our female table tennis team at the Olympic semi-finals seems to suggest that it is more luck than real ability that allows Feng to garner a bronze medal. Against another Japanese player who is ranked below her in this semi-final, Feng was not able to defeat even her.

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