Sunday, August 12, 2012

NSF LCP Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim reported missing in Brunei training area

The search for LCP Muhammad Fahrurrazi Salim who went missing during training in Brunei this morning is currently on. I hope that he will be okay. This incident made me recall the gruelling training I had overseas during my National Service Days. I have "chong suan" (i.e. charged through the mountains), charged through the dense forests, climbed the challenging mountains and terrains, dug self-scapes and did physically and mentally exercises without much sleep in Thailand, Taiwan and Brunei.Looking back at my National Service days which I did not really enjoy, it is no doubt still a good experience to be. It is not everybody who can have the opportunity to be challenged across terrains, mentally and physically in 3 different countries.

I was very fit then, unlike now. I just have a run after quite some months and my stamina now is really very poor.

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