Friday, August 03, 2012

LTA is looking to fill 129 positions within 1 month after SMRT’s COI!

The SMRT’s COI has just been completed recently. After the COI, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew, who relinquished his portfolio as Foreign Affair’s 2nd Minister on 1 Aug 12 acknowledged that LTA is to share the blame for the slew of SMRT breakdowns.

Following the COI, it was reported that SMRT will be investing more in maintenance regime . It waqs reported that SMRT may most likely bring in ex-Chief-of-Defence Desmond Kuek onboard to steer SMRT back to its days of efficiency and effectiveness.

I think SMRT will be going through an overhaul and LTA may likely follow suit, going through an overhaul.

As an indication that LTA is expanding its capacity, possibly to improve rail and bus operators’ service standards, I counted that LTA is actually looking for fill 129 positions within LTAs since early Jul 12.

You can see this from this link.

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