Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Feng Tian Wei vs Ding Nang: why our Table Tennis team always lose to China players

Feng Tian Wei managed to make it to the semi-finals of the Table Tennis yesterday, facing off Ding Nang. The match was telecast “live” 11 pm yesterday. By that time, my eyes were already closing and when I saw Feng losing two matches, one after another to Ding, I simply switched off my television set and headed to slumberland. I knew that Feng Tian Wei would lose to this world No. 1 player and she did so when I checked the result this morning!
At every table tennis match in major leagues like the Olympic, I always see new players from the China team.  And not only are they new players, they are powerful players in the world! On the other hand, at every such important match, I will still see the same old Singapore table tennis players play, each time, older than before, and each time, less active, less flexible and less powerful towards their rival .

I am sure in the next major table tennis league, another new player, another new No.1 will succeed Ding Nang: the pipeline of great world-class players is being churned out continuously by China while in Singapore, beside these few players which we think are very powerful, there seems not many other good world-class players.

Anyway, the training environment here in my opinion will never be that close to the exacting standard in China. China has so many good players for each of their teams to mould into even better players with every training session.

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