Tuesday, August 21, 2012

K Shanmugam on reckless driving on Singapore’s Roads

Law Minister K Shanmugam and his wife experienced some reckless drivers while driving on public roads yesterday. Shanmugam posted their encounter on his Facebook page and within hours, his post has garnered many comments from netizens and his post made news on TV yesterday night.

I have always feel that some drivers here in Singapore are really very reckless as personally I and my family have encountered dangerous situations involving vehicles almost hitting us though we obeyed traffic rules and the traffic lights were in our favour in these instances.  In one instance, I even witnessed a pedestrian being flung off metres by a car –right in front of me- while he was using the yellow pedestrian crossing correctly; it was such a close shave as the said pedestrian was just in front of me! 

Coincidentally, just an hour or so before I saw the Shanmugam’s opinion piece on TV news, I also experienced a close shave with a turning vehicle while I was using a pedestrian crossing to cross the roads. In this incident, the driver of the turning vehicle did not signal that he was turning and I was caught off-guard and had to fasten my pace to avoid the unimaginable.

Though lives are precious, while victims of reckless driving risk their lives and limbs in cases of incidents involving reckless driving, reckless drivers just pay a small fine or get a small sentence. I have -ever since my experience with reckless drivers- make no assumptions when crossing the roads, be it when using traffic lights, junctions or not.

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