Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living Life to the Fullest

My job is getting more and more mundane with no job prospects, bad colleagues, poor management and many politics. Faced with these, it is really very disappointing hence I told myself I will just need to do more in other areas of life and excel in them; the fact that I am blogging at this time is a testament to my determination not to concede defeat though my career is at its nadir.

In work, I give 101%,  just that realities in life are harsh as I see poor performers climbing up the corporate ladder due to luck or boot-licking. Due to a combination of factors that seem to make the "perfect storm" for my career, I am stuck professionally at work, enduring lots of things and things which are not really fair.

As a forward-looking person, I should not go into the trivias of my career low points here.

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