Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meaning of Carrefour and what Carrefour should do before closing down Carrefour Suntec and Carrefour Plaza Singapura

With the announced closing down of French’s Carrefour in Singapore, I believe beside discounts, Carrefour should do one thing before pulling down the shutters at Suntec City and Plaza Singapore. It is to teach Singaporeans to pronounce the word “Carrefour”. Since it set up its stores 15 years ago, I still hear people saying “Carrie Four”. The correct pronunciation is “Ka Fu” (in Chinese Hanyu Pin Yin).

It is actually not impressive that many Singaporeans do not know what “Carrefour” a French word actually means though they may have visited Carrefour for so many times since Carrefour set up shops here in 1997. “Carrefour” means public square in French. Actually, I also do not know but I just google to find out for this post!

Before knowing the definition of “Carrefour”, I only know one French word which is really applicable here to Carrefour now.

This word is “Adieu”.

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