Sunday, August 12, 2012

of McDonald's Breakfast & Double Queue

It has been some time since I last blogged really about myself. So this blog post will just do that.

This morning, I went to McDonald's to buy sausage and egg mcmuffin for my family. I used the discount coupons for the purchase as with these coupons, prices are definitely lower. I treat McDonald's breakfast as a luxury as I do not earn much. With my modest salary and inflation, I choose bread over other much better meals for my breakfasts on weekdays, but on weekends, I try to my very best to give myself and my family a treat.

At the McDonald's outlet an hour or so ago, I noticed that, as usual, the turn-around time for processing of customers' orders can be improved. After I made my purchase, I and other customers who have given their orders were told to queue in another line just to collect our orders. Therein lies the phenomenon of double-queue: first queue to order and then queue to collect our food. I really think that such double queue is really ironical to the whole concept of fast food. This "double queuing system" is really not unique to the McDonald's restaurants here; I have experienced this system in other fast food chains too.

Anyway, these days, we live in the "new normal" a label used frequently by the media. Hence in this "new normal": fast becomes slow as we can see in the above case for fast food and our MRT system becomes slow due to breakdowns and disruptions.

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