Thursday, August 02, 2012

Singapore’s Olympic Bronze Medal in Table Tennis should be shared with Singaporeans

The local media seems to hail Feng Tian Wei as a heroine after she clinched a bronze medal for Singapore, the first by a single in 52 years. With National Day being next Tuesday, I think this bronze medal is a good gift for Singapore.
However, I think this bronze medal comes at a hefty price; I think quite an amount of taxpayers’ monies is channelled to give the best to our athletes in terms of training, facilities and coaches.

In view of the above, I believe Feng Tian Wei should share her Olympic Bronze medal with all Singaporeans. The Olympic Bronze medal should be paraded together with Feng during the National Day Parade next Tuesday and in the month of August, there should be rotating exhibitions to bring and display the Olympics bronze medal at all the heartlands of Singapore.

I even think that the Olympics bronze medal should be kept - together with all the Olympics garnered by the nation since Tan Howe Liang’s historic win-at the National Museum for admiration by all Singaporeans and the future generations.

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