Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feng Tian Wei looking for a boyfriend, potential Singapore PM Chan Chun Sing becomes matchmaker

Singapore's newly-minted Olympic medalist Feng Tian Wei who won a bronze medal in the Olympics is now looking for a boyfriend. Singapore Table Tennis Association Er Lee Bee Wah has asked Acting Minister of Community, Youth and Sports, Chan Chun Sing to help Tian Wei look for a prospective boyfriend in MINDEF according to the Chinese media website.

Feng, whom I estimated to be a millionaire already (her condominium in the north part of Singapore is already worth $1 million in valuation), excluding the $250,000 she pocketed from winning a Bronze Olympic medal and another amount (between $50,000 to $100,000) from her team's Olympic bronze medal win should be looking for someone who can match her in terms of financial status. If that is so, in MINDEF where Chan is helping to look for Feng's potential boyfriend, for those who fit this criteria in terms of financial status and age compatible with her, it should be the single MINDEF SAFOS or President Scholars who earn a very comfortable salary and rise to the ranks of at least a Colonel at a very young age.

I find that asking Chan to help Feng look for a prospective boyfriend is really a waste of tax payers' money! Chan Chun Sing, who is touted to be a potential Singapore Prime Minister should be looking at ways to help build and enhance the social fabrics of our country. Instead if Chan is to spend his working time to help Feng look for a boyfriend, this is really a waste of tax payers' money taking into account how much Chan, as a Senior Minister of State earns a year!

Also, Chan has just been posted to helm MINDEF as a Senior Minister of Defence just a week or so, initally I thought his first job will be to help build Singapore's defence capability by tapping on his military experience as a former Chief-of Army before but I was so disappointed that his first job in MINDEF seems to help Feng look for her prospective boyfriend with his military network.

Frankly speaking, Feng's win of an Olympic bronze medal is, as I assess,  not really felt proudly by real Singaporeans. With this news of Feng's latest search for her boyfriend, I think more Singaporeans will boo her. And not forgetting Chan Chun Sing, I am so disappointed in him if he were to accept Lee Bee Wah's request to help Feng look for her prospective boyfriend in MINDEF!

I hope Chan Chun Sing will issue a press statement to Singaporeans on whether he will or will not help Feng Tian Wei look for a boyfriend in MINDEF.

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