Thursday, August 02, 2012

National Day Awards 2012: will Feng Tian Wei be conferred a PBM after clinching an Olympics Bronze Medal?

Feng Tian Wei clinched an Olympic Bronze Medal for Singapore in yesterday’s Olympic Table Tennis bronze medal play-off. This is the first Olympic medal clinched by a single for Singapore in 52 years.
After garnering this bronze medal for Singapore, I think Feng may be conferred with a Public Service Medal by the President on National Day for her contributions to Singapore. Once that is conferred on her, Feng Tian Wei will become Feng Tian Wei, PBM.

Meanwhile, Howard Shaw, PBM who received his Public Service Medal from the President on last year’s National Day may need to return his medal if he is jailed.

I think Singapore should not be complacent with just an Olympic bronze. Singapore should focus on winning a gold medal in the next Olympic games, not only in Table Tennis but also in other sports. I think we have spent quite an amount of tax payers’ monies on giving the best to many of our athletes in Singapore, most of whom are not locally born in terms of training and giving them the best coaches even if they want to change and change.  They should deliver a Gold medal to Singapore.

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