Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Carrefour to close down Singapore outlets by year end

I am disappointed to read that Carrefour will be closing down its Singapore outlets by the end of the year.

I have just hailed Carrefour Singapore as one of the few places in Singapore where one can enjoy substantial discounts and rebates especially if he is a POSB Everyday card member. Hence the closing down of Carrefour Singapore outlets will mean that Singaporeans will no longer have a cheaper alternative when it comes to buying some of the necessities we need.

Discount and savings apart, my family and I actually relish the experience of going to Carrefour Suntec.

Whenever we are in Suntec City, we will always go into Carrefour for a tour in this spacious two-storey outlet which offers so many items from market produce to clothing and fresh hot food.

Carrefour seems to be the only foreign supermarket chain player in Singapore now. While I read that profitability and not getting leadership of the supermarket chain in Singapore are the factors for the closing down of Carrefour here, I will really hope that there is a few sprinkling of foreign supermarket chain player here rather than having the market scene dominated by NTUC Fairprice chain; the chain is opening up hypermarts after another.

Beside NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage,Giants are the other key supermarket players here. Carrefour also sells some foreign products and food which are not sold in other supermarket food chains, with its closing, Singaporeans will not be able to experience these products any more. I am very sad that Carrefour is moving out of Suntec and Plaza Singapura. I do not want to see another NTUC Hypermart in its places there though it is announced that Giant will be setting up store in Carrefour Suntec.

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