Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Singapore Olympics 2012 results: Best showing ever or Self-fulfilling prophecy?

The Olympics game in London is coming to a close soon. Singapore’s medal haul in this Olympics is two bronze medals. I still remember before our Olympics team set off for London, the head of delegation gave a prediction of two medals, though it fell short of saying what colour the medals are. Now we know that these 2 medals as predicted are bronze medals. Self-fulfilling prophecy has kicked in and our Olympics team really delivered as what has been set as a prediction: two medals. Self-fulfilling prophecy becomes self-limiting belief, our Olympic team delivered no more or no less, just right as what the self-fulfilling prophecy says: two medals.

I believe our table tennis team has the ability to win at least the Silver medal by beating Japan in the semi-finals, just that I believe the team has already been contented with a bronze medal clinched by Feng Tian Wei, which accounted for her lacklustre performance. Only when Singaporeans responded that Feng’s lacklustre performance in the semi-finals is unacceptable did she perform and lead her team to a bronze medal in the team finals

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