Monday, June 23, 2008

Home internet connection

A large proportion of Singapore’s homes have internet connection, broadband connection to be exact.

Gone were the days where computer is a must for every Singaporean household, nowadays internet-connected computer(s) have become a necessity for all Singaporean households.

The proliferation of home internet connection has become a necessity as a bulk of Singapore’s government services and transactions are now made online and schools from the primary to the varsities are moving towards the electronic learning platform.

It is not convenient not to own an internet connection for students, even for primary school students. I have colleagues who are not really pleased to wire up an internet connection at home for their school-going children, just to ease their inconvenience of doing and submitting electronic school work (most schools offer computer clusters for the use of their students, but nothing beats using home internet connection).

And with the internet connection at homes, children start to get exposed to some of the vices lurking in the internet such as violence, computer games addiction, chatting, pornography etc.

Home internet connection may become a necessary evil but how much negative impact internet can have on one’s children can still be controlled by the parents.

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