Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Blues

As I am typing this post on my blog, many Singaporeans have fallen asleep. The time is now 0025 and the day is 22 June 08, Sunday, and needless to say the most coveted day of the week: Saturday has come to a close 20 minutes before.

Yes, today being Sunday is a brand new day and a new day of the weekend as well as being the first day of the week. However Sunday can never takes the place of Saturday: on a Saturday, one can paint the town red, return home really late, sleep late and wake up late on the following day but not on a Sunday.

Many say that they have Monday blues come every first workday of the week and they use this to justify their lack of motivation, productivity and cheerfulness on Mondays. I would like to add that there are actually Sunday Blues, just that we do not really notice this phenomenon; or we notice it and just pretend that it does not occur. How many times have you rethink of your plan on a Sunday night-out due to the fact that the next day would be a Monday where another busy and hectic work week would commence? I believe many Singaporeans return from a night-out on a Sunday earlier than one that falls on a Saturday or just go for an afternoon outing completely, returning home on the early evening of a Sunday and get prepared for a week of work, both mentally and logistically. Thus, there are really Sunday Blues, whether we want to deny or not, just that they vary in degrees to different people. I can only think that Sunday Blues do not apply to people who are not employed (except for home makers with kids who may dread the start of another week of sending their kids to school etc) or who have taken off on the following day.

We have heard of people telling us how much less hectic work is in other countries compared to Singapore, and we envy the greener pasture in these countries, but unless we really experienced it, we shall not really validate their opinions.

As I was typing this post, my internet connection comes to a crawl. I reckon it must be the hundreds of Singaporeans logging on to the internet to catch the Eurocup actions for free.

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